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Frontera Concepts way of doing business is simple. We strive to provide premium network integration and support services by utilizing our highly trained technical staff and methodologies to maximize client efficiency.

Frontera Concepts maintains a full-service technical services department. The department has the ability to install and upgrade any size of network on multiple operating systems including all versions of Windows, Apple, and Linux. 

FC has created complementary technical services that help customers manage technology deployments from design through final test & turn-up. Technical services from FC include equipment aggregation & staging, hardware configuration, software imaging, asset tagging and auditing. Our services are backed by quality processes and supported by our highly trained technical support department. Eliminating complexity and maximizing accountability in a single supplier, clients benefit from having FC as their single source for engineering, procurement, installation and support.

Our Services

24/7 Technical Services – FC is committed to our customers, ensuring that they have the necessary support options to ensure their success both now and into the future. FC has assembled a world-class team to ensure the success of our customers. Your support team is here to help you succeed in understanding your technical project before and after the sale is complete.

Website Hosting – Our website hosting offers 24/7 Technical support, 99.9% Uptime, Nightly backups, Hassle-free migration, & many more features. Examples of software supported by our hosting include many of the more popular open source projects like Wordpress, Drupal, MODX, Magento, osCommerce, ZenCart, OpenCart, Joomla and more.

Network Security – We offer multiple security solutions to protect your business. Call us to ask us about Firewall Management, Anti-virus Management & Software, Anti-spam Filtering, Updates & Patching, and Secure Wireless.

Cabling Services – FC provides our clients with state-of-the-art structured cabling systems. We offer design and installation experience in fiber optic, voice communication, wireless systems, sound systems, sound masking, speech privacy and wire rooms.

Procurement Services – FC uses best practices delivered by our professional and responsive procurement department. Leveraging our network of retailers and strategic partnerships we can procure and deploy any size project with speed and maximize return on your investment.

Consulting Services – FC offers consulting focused on the same services and solutions deployed to our clients. We operate on a fixed-fee/fixed deliverable basis offering highly trained and experienced staff to assist any technology need.

Staffing, Outsourced, and Contract Labor – IT and professional staff service is focused on recruiting and deploying quality resources in a timely, cost-effective manner. Through our network of partners, FC has available resources in a variety of technologies and competencies. While the local labor market is currently plentiful, we anticipate being able to fill all future and projected needs as they arise. In the past, staff has been added within 3-5 days, pending the receipt of adequate labor documentation as well as medical and drug screening results.

RMA Depot and Warehousing – Our warehousing services allow us to perform equipment aggregation, staging, hardware configuration, software imaging, and asset tagging. FC value-added services dramatically reduce the complexity and “problems” associated with managing physical delivery of goods while greatly accelerating the technology deployment process.

The Experience

When you experience technical difficulties or have any question with your pre or post project installation please contact us and we will open a support case. This support case will be assigned a priority and you will be given a case number with an expected time for response and resolution. FC creates cases for every inquiry and works all cases to an acceptable completion.