About Us

Frontera Concepts is an Information Technology Solutions Support Company catering to clients throughout North America. Our headquarters are located in San Antonio, TX with offices in Houston, TX. Frontera Concepts can work with your business to troubleshoot and develop solutions and support for all your Information Technology needs! Call us at (866) 594-4159 so that we can assist you. Frontera Concepts provides a wide range of Information Technology services to businesses of all sizes. We proudly serve clients throughout North America. Frontera Concepts prides itself by offering Cloud Services, Business Continuity Infrastructure Design, Network Support, Managed Services Support, Remote Monitoring and Management Support, Mobile Device Management Support, Cloud Services Support, Security Support, Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions, and Software Support Services across various platforms with a concentration in network design, installation, maintenance, and support.

We strive to provide premium network integration and 24/7 support services by utilizing our highly trained technical support staff and methodologies to maximize client efficiency. The key to that goal is to maintain great customer service by understanding our clients’ needs. Moreover, part of our management philosophy is to adhere strictly to a quality control process.

Frontera Concepts maintains a full-service technical support services department. The department has the ability to install and upgrade any size network on multiple operating systems including all versions of Windows, NT, Apple, Unix, and Linux. In addition, the support department is experienced in custom-building desktop PC’s using the latest Intel or AMD platforms. The support department’s needs are complemented by the Sales and New Technology areas.

The sales department provides hardware/software pricing and support while maintains relationships will various computer wholesalers and retailers. The New Technology Department provides access to cutting-edge and developing testing tools/techniques as well as troubleshooting support to the Technical Support Services Department.

The Sales department provides solutions pricing and maintains relationships with various computer wholesalers and retailers for the latest Technology Products. Call us today (866) 594-4159.

Our Specialties

Cloud Services, Business Continuity Infrastructure Design, Network Integration, Support Services, DNS Security, SSL Certificates, Domain Registration, Domain Services, Email Services, Infrastructure Planning, 24/7 Support Specialist, Web Design, 24/7 Monitoring Services, Backup and Disaster Recovery, Cyber Security.


Frontera Concepts was founded in 2002 as a Texas, Limited Liability Corporation. The company’s headquarters is located in San Antonio, Texas.


The purpose of our quality control process is to manage and control the quality of the work being performed and to conduct post-work inspection. The objective of our quality control process is to perform work in accordance with contract and work order documents and specifications, to eliminate deficiencies, and to coordinate activities for the efficient and effective performance of work.

The Team

Our senior team